Our son Joshua thoroughly enjoys his time at Touch Internationale. When we started looking at pre-school options for him, we learnt about the Montessori method and we were drawn to it. Some of the things that we like about this method are the emphasis of using all our senses for learning, for providing opportunities for the child to explore, for allowing the child to learn and grow at his/her own pace. We are also glad that they are not confined to chairs and desks at this age! Our children enjoy freedom with boundaries. Our son has tons of energy and the teachers have channelled his energy very well, giving him opportunities to use his talents in music and theatre. We highly value a facilitative environment for growth and Touch Internationale provides just that for our children. Joshua’s sister Neha joined school this year (2015) and seems to have comfortably settled in! The children love school and we are so grateful to the wonderful management and teachers who are very affectionate, always encouraging and are genuinely interested in our children. God bless you abundantly!


My daughter Rianna’s stay with you over the last three years has been very fruitful in every aspect. Our association with you ever since 2000, when our eldest son had studied with you, has helped in sowing the first seed of excellence in the lives of our children. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and pray that your good work may continue for many more years. May the Lord grant you success in all you do.


Like most parents, we too wanted a school that would help our daughter to gain an inclusive education that focused not on academics alone. After much research we finalised on the Montessori Method and we found Touch Internationale to be a pure Montessori House of Children.

After enrolling our daughter into Touch Internationale at 2.5 years, there was no looking back for the next three years. All staff members were very cordial. Every child received personalised attention from skilled teachers. As parents, we received a number of opportunities to enhance our own skills on parenting through regular workshops and meetings with academicians, child activists and eminent people from the industry. Cultural programs offered parents an opportunity to interact with teachers and students.

Our daughter is currently in 2nd Grade in a private school performing extremely well in all areas. We wish Touch Internationale had classes until Grade 10, for the foundation Neha received here makes us believe that Touch is one of the best Montessori schools in Bangalore and we strongly recommend it to every parent and child. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Mrs Sipra Narayanan, for running this school so successfully over the last 23 years. We wish her and the school success in the years to come.


Dear Shipra mam and the team of Touch International Montessori

Laksh completes 4 years with you this year and is moving on. As much as I am happy that he has been able to make the transition, I do worry that he will miss the love, kindness and complete acceptance that he has become so accustomed to over the years.

I still very clearly remember our first interaction with you. You asked us to tell you about Laksh and that was all you needed to accept him under your care. You never once asked for any reports or test results. Over the years, even though I might have sometimes wondered if Laksh will actually get through this, you always believed he would. For this I will always be grateful to you.

When Laksh first joined Touch International , he barely spoke a few words, his behaviours were unmanageable and he could not tolerate any changes in his environment or routine. The school environment, your encouragement and your acceptance of his difficulties and differences have made Laksh what he is today. Today Laksh is a happy, playful and naughty 8 year old. He cycles, swims, can read and write , plays the piano and even has friends. This miracle would not have happened but for Touch International school.

As a family we are immensely indebted to the school for giving our son the chance to have a normal childhood. His journey ahead is going to be a challenge but I am confident that with a foundation so strong he will be able to overcome whatever comes his way. As we say goodbye we hope and pray that you continue to weave the magic and touch the lives of more kids like Laksh and families like ours. May God always bless you and the school. You will always be in our prayers.


School had been a definite ‘No-No’ for Shawn until he was introduced to the activities at Touch Internationale. Later, having spent a year in the crèche, the school became like his second home. Spending three years in a Montessori House of Children has been a wonderful experience for him and an eye opener for us as parents. Learning hands on through the Montessori Method helped mould him in these early years and has taught him to apply the skills at both home and school. As we look back and trace his overall development in a Montessori environment, we can only feel pleased at the results. Shawn has grown very attached to the school and staff members here. We appreciate the efforts the Management, Faculty and Staff have put in and we wish them God’s blessings as they continue to enlighten more young minds in the future.


Our journey with Touch International Montessori (TIM) began about a year and a half ago when we moved to India. Having to relocate to a new country and attend a new school was certainly an adjustment for our son Roshan and we were very grateful to have found TIM. We had been interested in the Montessori approach for a long while and really appreciated TIM's dedication to maintaining a safe, child-centred environment where young tender children are free to explore and learn at their own pace, using all of their senses.

Roshan is very energetic and enthusiastic but was not used to a Montessori environment. The teachers at TIM took the time to get to know his personality and very patiently helped him to channel his energy, using his interests to guide and encourage him. Eventually, he adapted to his new environment and it was obvious how much he enjoyed learning through the use of the Montessori materials. We noticed that he was able to focus and concentrate for longer periods and was not as distracted with what was happening around him. Now, he eagerly talks about his day and the activities he did, the ones he enjoyed the most and even the ones he found challenging.

We feel confident that the time he has spent at TIM has helped to mould and prepare him for the next stage of his education and whatever lies ahead. We had no doubt that this is where we wanted to send our younger child who recently started attending TIM earlier this year. We are sincerely grateful to the teachers and staff at TIM and wish them every success in the future.


The best gift any parent can give their child is a good foundation for their educational future done within a safe environment and we were able to achieve this through TOUCH INTERNATIONALE MONTESSORI. Our daughter Ponnila Sarah has been attending the school since she was three and has become a confident, independent, and respectful little lady who loves to learn. The staff here are just wonderful - extremely loving and attentive. The school is true to the Montessori practice and is not a blend. We look forward to Ponnila's continued development as she continues her Touch Early Years this year :) . We would recommend the Touch Internationale Montessori school to anyone without hesitation.